on holiday till july 19th

reading: 1984 - george orwell // hamlet - william shakespeare

watching: american horror story s2 // 90210 s5 // gossip girl s1 // casualty

writing: this

listening to: we must be killers - mikky ekko

You look beautiful today.

I now have a photography blog!

need help?: helplines // general


save the day, doctor
'alone is what i have, alone protects me'
I hope you have a great day.

need help?: helplines // general

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im actually really sad ive finished my work experience :(

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i’m bored and sad don’t judge me


I LOVE YOUR TOP AND YOUR NECKLACE AND (ok im gonna tone down the caps but you can still read it in my excited voice if you wish)

your hair is beautiful and omg i just really really really love these photos and you look amazing and i love you too nev you are amazing

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"You’re a time traveller now Amy.”


Who da man?

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what is it? a shadow 

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eleven being cute while trying to sing along without knowing the words

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Even mothers have to do as they’re told sometimes, don’t they?

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“My spirit. This is a new thought. I’m not sure exactly what it means, but it suggests I’m a fighter. In a sort of brave way. It’s not as if I’m never friendly. Okay, maybe I don’t go around loving everybody I meet, maybe my smiles are hard to come by, but I do care for some people.”

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I just want to leave school and start a career, this week had realised how much I want to just finish school and get on with my life

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Off to da work lolz

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Sexualities (And Other Terms One Should Know)

(Please assume by "women"/"female", I mean anyone who identifies as a woman, same goes for men)
Heterosexual: A man sexually attracted to woman and vice versa.
Homosexual: A man sexually attracted to a man or a woman sexually attracted to a woman.
Bisexual: Sexually attracted to two or more genders.
Pansexual: Sexually attracted to all genders.
Demisexual: The sexual behavior of having a bond with a person before having sexual attraction.
Asexual: Having no /sexual attraction/ to others.
Heteroromantic: Attracted romantically to the opposite gender.
Homoromantic: Attracted romantically to the same gender.
Biromantic: Attracted romantically to two or more genders
Panromantic: Attracted romantically to all genders
Demiromantic: Only able to feel romantic affections to someone who has a bond already with you.
Aromantic: Having no /romantic attraction/ to others.
Transexual/Transgender (Term depending on generation and location): An individual who identifies as the opposite gender then the one they are assigned at birth to be. Often shortened to trans
Cisgender: Someone who identifies as the gender that they were assigned as at birth. (ex. matches their birth certificate) Often shortened to cis
Intersex: Someone who has ambiguous genitalia that doesn't fit into our strict dichotomy of uterus or testes. Often forced into surgery to correct their genitals at a very young age, causing psychological and physical harm later in life
Nonbinary: Outside of the gender binary of male and female. (Can be used as an umbrella term or as its own identity)
Genderqueer: Outside of the gender binary. (Can be used as an umbrella term or as its own identity, but be wary of using it as an umbrella term because it contains queer, which some people still consider a slur and don't like having it applied to them)
Agender: Someone who doesn't identify as any gender/experiences a lack of gender.
Bigender: Someone who identifies as two separate genders.
Genderfluid: Gender that changes.
Demigirl: Identifying partially as a woman, but not wholly.
Demiguy: Identifying partially as a man, but not wholly.
Reblog to inform! And if there's any I missed or anything that should be clarified, please message me! Always looking to expand the proper vocab. : )

Season 3 (one) (two)

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